Bear Creek Weekly MVP
Posted Jul 5, 2019

Week 1: Jonas Tafaoya, 5th Grade Perez, 2019

Jonas Is on of the smallest on our team. Jonas is Mr. Jokester, seems to give us the most push back when it comes to practice, drills and assignments. A player we thought we'd need to monitor come game time. That was not the case. When homework was handed out, Jonas was one of the few who knew his plays, and assignments, and ececuted them well. Jonas ran all of routes to the best of his ability and punched one through for a 7-yard gain up the middle. He brought to the field a fantastic attitude and great work ethic.

Posted Sep 21, 2019

Week 2: Daniel Ayon, 7th Grade Dirschl, 2019

For being the biggest improvment from week 1 to week 2, and never giving up!

Posted Oct 1, 2019

Week 3: Julian Pacheco, 1/2nd Grade, Coach Victor

Julian showed great sportsmanship, leadership, and athleticism on and off the field, for playing his first game of tackle football ever!